Tokyo Shopping Service

I'm currently offering an in-store shopping service in Tokyo.

Long story short:

Comission 10%
Transportation fee 300 yen

+ pp fees and shipping ( i can ship via untracked airmail and EMS )

Feedback : ( it's almost all in spanish since i've been doing it just for my country until recently ).
EGL feedback :

You can contact me via PM or

More info at :

Thanks for looking !


I've been in lolita for some time now... I'd say about a year ? I honestly haven't been counting the days... it's just so much fun !

I'm from Mexico City and i'd been lurking around this community for quite some time, never actually participated much (maybe just the sales comm * O*)

Lately i've been really interested to meet lolitas from other countries... Guess i want to know how lolitas are in other places since i'm not really entirely happy with the loli community in my own city... plus I'm one of those girls that craves a lolita bff, always have been XD

Anyways, nice to meet you :D !
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